Energy Design Tek LLC (EDT. LLC) is the parent company for Solar Power Tracker
( and EDT-EXRAY (

Engineering design for Alternative and Renewable Energy industry including Hybrid
engine generation, advanced control systems, display technology for RE and AE
systems integration.

Our Mission:
Produce products for performance and reliability.  Intellectual development towards
products that reduce demand on the limited Hydrocarbon resources.   Listen to the
voice of the customer, be an integral part of the alternative energy industry, and
commitment to deliver high quality products.  Although not all components can be
found or manufactured in the USA, our primary goal is to utilize as much product
components, raw materials, and manufacturing process in the USA as possible.

EDT utilizes Made in the USA manufacturing around the USA, mainly west coast from
Arlington WA through Los Angeles including sheet metal, injected mold plastics, circuit
board manufacturing, cable and harness manufacturing, and CNC machining.

The Solar Tracker assemblies are jig assembled in Merlin OR utilizing MIG and TIG
welding for strong and permanent welds.  All internal electronics, displays, cables, and
batteries are assembled and tested at the Merlin facility using advanced automated
computer controlled test programs.

The EXRAY and EXRAY-Volt digital computer speedometer displays, the VIZ-Cam
display, the EXRAY Dash Pod, the HCS-5 Hybrid Control System, and the SPT Solar
tracking interface controls and displays are all manufactured in the USA using only the
highest quality components and manufacturing process.

The Hybrid Control and Hybrid Generation systems (HGS-1.5KW through HGS-5KW)
are manufactured with both foreign and domestic components (depending on
customer configuration).  However, all assembly and testing is performed at the Merlin
OR  facility.

Utilizing 3D CAD, circuit board design, and software development tools, including
some limited FEA and Six Sigma analysis tools to develop advanced and specialize
control systems.

Models created are sent to local CNC or Sheet metal shops for prototype through
manufacturing.  These close working relationships with vendors provides tight quality
controls and inspection processes.

EDT is continuously working on more advanced systems using next generation
microprocessors for more features, ergonomic user friendly controls, yet staying to the
"keep it simple" philosophy.  

Come visit our web site again and watch our determination, stamina, and commitment
to the renewable and alternative energy industries.

Tony Thorne
President & Co-Founder
Energy Design Tek LLC and Solar Power Tracker LLC
Copyright @2013 EDT LLC
Updated 3/20/2020
Mailing Address:   
  PO Box 190
  Merlin, Oregon, 97532, USA

Sales or Purchase Orders:
EX-RAY VOLT Speedometer
EX-RAY VOLT (GEN-2, Obsolete)
Built after June 1st 2011 to June 2016 with
Battery Pack Voltage Reading!
> 12, 24, 36, and 48V batteries.
Built after June 1st 2016 with HIGH
Contrast LCD, Better buttons,  Battery
Pack Voltage Reading!
> 12, 24, 36, and 48V batteries.